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ON DEMAND WORKOUTS. Rent, Buy, Subscribe.


Increase functional

strength with low

impact exercises.

I'll keep you moving from beginning to end.

How do you feel?.

Listen to your body and trust your instincts.

I'll encourage you 

along the way.

Modifications are

offered each class to optimize your workout, keeping it effective and safe, every time.

Easy to do anytime, anywhere. Classes are

30 min. or less,

with minimal to

no props required.


As a student of fitness, I fell in love with the laser-like movements and mental focus at the root of the Barre technique. Fueled by my desire to learn more, I switched my career path and became a certified Barre instructor at a national boutique fitness company, and began my teaching career at studios in Houston, TX and Brooklyn, NY. 


To further deepen my understanding of the body, in 2016 I completed my 200 Registered Yoga Teacher training and began to weave "flowing" into my Barre classes — keeping students active from beginning to end. Most recently, influenced by my work as a HIIT trainer and MegaFormer teacher,

I've began incorporating high intensity training into low impact exercises.

I've been in motion for the past 10 years, living across the US and abroad, currently based in beautiful Northern Michigan. My classes combine my passion for movement (whether across the country, or just your mat) with my favorite elements from Barre, Yoga, HIIT and MegaFormer.

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