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Premo Fitness offers the opportunity to not only strengthen your body and mind, but to nourish our shared communities as well. Please join us in learning and supporting organizations worldwide who strengthen, transform and empower both people and planet.

Cyclists in nature

Traverse City, MI


Norte is Northern Michigan’s youth-focused, active transportation-centered, neighborhood-based 501c3 advocacy organization.

Their mission is to help build stronger, better connected and more walk/bike friendly communities by empowering the young and young at heart through their many projects, initiatives, and programs.

During the month of January 2022, Premo Fitness will be donating $10 from each subscription fee and $4 from each rental purchase directly to the More Girls on Bikes campaign.

Kayaking into Sunset


Traverse City, MI

FLOW's (For Love of Water) mission is to safeguard the Great Lakes, the planet's largest freshwater lake system and the very lifeblood of the Midwest, by advancing public trust solutions and cutting-edge policy work.

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